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OWL Leasing is the exclusive provider of OAKWORKS® Vitrectomy Face Down Recovery products and has the largest inventory available.
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Question  » Why OWL Leasing
Answer  » We have a unique, exclusive relationship with the manufacturer of the equipment and will always have rentals on hand. Complete packages with everything you need and no hidden costs. Our personal care, support and help with insurance paperwork submission is a part of our commitment to you. We make the process as painless as possible. Plus we offer one week minimum on rental of equipment, no need to lock into two weeks. Please note: The first day of rental starts on date of surgery not date of delivery.

Question  » What will I be able to do while face down?
Answer  » Please consult your surgeon with any concerns you may have prior to being face down.
For example:
  • Will you be allowed to read?
  • Will you be allowed to shower?
  • How long will you be allowed to be face up in a 24 hour period?
  • Are you allowed to travel?

Question  » Who manufactures the equipment?
Answer  » Through our exclusive relationship with Oakworks, Inc., we are able to provide you high quality, high value equipment. Oakworks, Inc. manufactures all the equipment in its Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania factory. The company has been owner operated since 1978, more info can be found at www.oakworks.com.

Question  » What equipment do I need?
Answer  » OWL Leasing offers the widest selection of state of the art equipment. The success of your surgery depends on you being comfortable and supported correctly so you can maintain the correct position long enough each day. Since we are the only company that has access to Oakworks' latest designs, you are assured of having the most comfortable, supportive equipment.

Question  » Do I have to assemble the product?
Answer  » No. The Table Top Face Support and Seated Support come pre-assembled. All you have to do is unpack them and adjust them to your body type. This is accomplished easily and your position can be readjusted often.

Question  » What do I do if I need help adjusting the equipment?
Answer  » Your equipment comes with a high quality DVD explaining all the details you need to know to use the equipment. It provides both an explanation and demonstration on how to set up all of the units. If you still have questions, our Personal Care Consultants are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST at 1-800-916-4592 to assist you.

Question  » How Do I Reserve Equipment?
Answer  » You can reserve equipment today by completing our On-Line reservation form or by contacting our Customer Care Consultants during standard business hours.

Question  » Will Medicare or commercial insurance cover the rental charges?
Answer  » Medicare does not cover the rental costs of these products. Each situation is unique with commercial insurances. Please consult your carrier for specific information regarding coverage. With commercial insurance, we will submit your claim for you, along with a letter of medical necessity from your surgeon. OWL Leasing is an out-of-network non-participating provider.

Question  » Do I have to send the claims to my insurance or will OWL Leasing
Answer  » OWL Leasing will submit your paid invoices, along with a letter of medical necessity to your commercial insurance. Since OWL Leasing is an out of network non-participating provider, your carrier will then respond to you. We recommend you contact your insurance for specific information regarding coverage.

Question  » Is pre-authorization or pre-certification required for these services?
Answer  » Each insurance provider has its own policies and procedures. We highly recommend you contact your provider, before the services, to be fully informed on what's required by your plan.

Question  » How often will a Personal Care Consultant call me?
Answer  » A Personal Care Consultant will call you one day before your surgery to be sure you are comfortable with your equipment, and at the end of your rental period to see if you are ready for it to be returned.

Question  » When does the rental start date begin?
Answer  » Your rental date begins on the date of surgery, but your equipment will arrive 2 days prior to your surgery date.

Question  » What does it cost to ship the equipment?
Answer  » Ground shipping fees are built into the first week's rental fee. This includes shipping to you and shipping back to us.

Question  » How will OWL Leasing know if I am ready to return the equipment or need it longer?
Answer  » If you haven't called to alert us that you are finished with the equipment, the Personal Care Consultants will contact you weekly to check on your status.

Question  » How does the equipment get returned to OWL Leasing when I am finished?
Answer  » Your Personal Care Consultant will guide you through the process of simply calling our ground carrier service toll free to make those arrangements. They will pick up the boxed equipment at your door. In most cases, the pick up will happen the day after you place the call.

Question  » Where can I get more information about Face Down Recovery?
Answer  » You can look at our on-line presentation entitled Why Face Down.