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Our face down recovery equipment is the worry-free choice for your recovery from vitrectomy, macular hole, detached retina, or gas bubble surgery.

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Join your family for meals, even while face down, using the Table Top Face Support.


Sleep face down on your bed comfortably with the Premier Sleep System.

Watch TV

Don't miss your favorite show during recovery! Use our Seated Support and Mirror.

Ride Along

Ride in a car safely during eye surgery recovery using our Travel Block.

Face Down Chairs, Sleep Cushions, & More

Our face down solutions get you a package price on the equipment you need.

The Very Best Service

Our Personal Care Consultants will work with you one-on-one to ensure your experience with OWL Leasing will be worry-free.

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  • The equipment was most helpful. The design of the seated support and sleep system are very good...the people were terrific...what a great company!
    What a great company!
    James L.
  • I was delighted at how well constructed and comfortable the OWL Sleep Support System and Seated Support were. The Sleep Support enabled me to have a comfortable sleep with no issues!
    Comfortable sleep with no issues
    Lin B.
  • OWL Leasing provided a personal experience from the first phone call to the last communication on returning the equipment...what a nice touch!
    Nice touch!
    Shirley W.
  • I found dealing with OWL Leasing a very good experience. The people I spoke with were very professional and helpful.
    Very professional and helpful
    Marie S.

Worry-free recovery.